Military Memorials

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War memorials are an expression of the gratitude and regard of the nation for those who laid their lives for the Liberation and Unification. The tour intorduces you to the history of these memorials, raised in Sofia. Some you perhaps know, or walk by daily; others you'd encounter for the first time - yet, did you know what motives informed their installment?

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1 Doctor's Memorial
2 Home-Memorial to the War Invalids
3 Military Mausoleum-Ossuary
4 Memorial Plaque to the Perished in the Wars
5 Memorial to the Fallen in World War Two
6 Memorial to the Fallen for Bulgaria in the Balkan War
7 The Soldier Uprising Memorial
8 Monument and a memorial sign to the fallen pilots
9 Monument to Col. Boris Drangov
10 Memorial to the Bulgarian Revolutionaries from Macedonia, Aegean and Adrianople Thrace
11 Monument to the Bulgarian volunteer soldier
12 The General Gurko Monument
13 Lieutenant General Radko Dimitriev’s Bust-Monument
14 General of the Infantry Stefan Toshev’s Bust-Monument
15 The Filosofov – Katalej memorial
16 Monument to the fallen in the resistence movement and in World War Two
17 Monument to the Fallen in the Wars
18 A Soldier Monument in Trebich District
19 Memorial for the Fallen Members of the Military Intelligence
20 Monument to the pilots-defenders of Sofia
21 Monument to the Unknown Soldier
22 Monument to the Adrianople epopee
23 Monument of the Victors
24 Todor Alexandrov’s Bust-Monument
25 Monument to the fallen on 11 August 1995 soldiers
26 Monument to the participants in the wars for liberation
27 Monument to Tsar Boris III
28 Monument to Tsar Liberator
29 The Russian Monument
30 Monument to the Fallen in the Wars
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